Student Groups

Here are some photos of the international student groups I hosted while at the Monterey Institute

China International Publishing Group

CIPG is  China's largest English language publishing company.  Each fall, CIPG would send a group of employees to the Monterey Institute for professional development of translation skills.  Beach bonfires were my way to welcome the student group. 


Beijing International Studies University Group

BISU is one of the most prestigious univeristies in China.  17 faculty members attended the Monterey Institue for one month to learn English language education, translation and interpretation teaching methods.


The Chinese New Year fell in January that year and I organized a celebration.  


I also led a tour to San Francisco for the group.

Kyung Hee University


Undergraduate students from Kyung Hee University, Korea, would come in the spring for a four-week English language intensive. 


We added tours that gave them a sense of American culture, for example, a tour of the Monterey City Hall where they met the mayor.   We toured historic buildings in Monterey and visited San Francisco.